Frites Atelier Amsterdam →

The Frites Atelier Amsterdam is a chain of high quality fast food restaurants, for a lack of a better description, backed by Sergio Herman. I had the honour of making their website.

The Jane Antwerp →

After closing his three star restaurant Oud Sluis, Sergio Herman opened The Jane in Antwerp with his companion Nick Bril, and accummulated two stars in as many years. The photography of this beautiful building takes front stage on this website.

Modulogic →

This was one of the first big web applications I was able to work on. Modulogic brings clarity and oversight to the frantics that is project management through design.

Sergio Herman Shop →

The webshop of Sergio Herman was build on an outdated platform and required a lot of maintainance. I rebuild the website to run on Shopify.

Levro Parket →

Robbert Levro delivers quality wooden floors to high end restaurants, retail stores and houses. It deserves a fitting website.

Epesi →

As an internship supervisor I contributed large parts of the design and parts of the development of the website of my former employer.

Acupunctuur Westeinde →

The nice thing about pro bono work is that clients tend to be a bit more perceptive to what you want. For this project I paid extra attention to user centric design.

Sergio Herman →

One of Hollands' best chefs also has his own personal website in the same style as that of the websites of his restaurants.

Pure C →

As one of Sergio Herman's restaurants, the Pure C website was build in the same style as the other websites of Sergio, but with it's own twist.

Datamex →

For my final internship I've combined and improved an hour registration application and calendar used internally by the company. In those months I didn't deliver a fully working prototype, but the concept of a more efficiƫnt and innovative application was clear.